March for Life 2015

march 2

Yesterday, thousands gathered together for the annual March for Life, consisting primarily of young people. It was with great joy that we began the day at the Life is VERY Good Rally at the Patriot Center in Fairfax with about 7,000 other Catholics to celebrate Mass. We took about 35 youth from All Saints in Manasas, VA. It was truly inspiring to see these young people excited to marchbe fired up about being ProLife. They had much enthusiasm to be there despite being a long day of walking and traveling. After Mass and a delicious Chick-fil-a lunch, we drove down into DC for the March. Despite packing the streets with many strangers, there was definitely a feeling of unity and love, standing for the dignity of every human life from conception to natural death. There was many groups present ranging from babies to elderly, West coast to East, Catholics to those of other faiths.  I particularly enjoyed the conversations with the various teens about the struggles of being ProLife in a world that persecutes us for our beliefs, watching them see that they are not alone in this world but are in fact surrounded by many others. One teen asked me how someone could actually justify something as horrible as abortion. The way that she asked with such innocence and the look of horror on her face truly touched my heart. Even one so young could see the injustice and not understand how we have come to this place in our nation. She gave me hope that this generation will be the answer to the culture of death.


Below is Fr. Jack expressing why Youth Apostles has been so invested in promoting the dignity of every human person since its foundation. Be sure to check it out and follow us on Youtube.

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