Holy Half Hour in McLean

Every month for the last eight years the Holy Half Hour has brought joy to the Youth Apostles house in McLean. Father Ramon Dominguez, YA, leads the ministry, which usually takes place on the morning of the first Friday.  Moms, and sometimes dads, arrive with babies, toddlers and older children shortly after 10. The children have fun playing in our lobby and Fr. Ramon chooses one to be the altar server.

At 10:30 the families enter the chapel and  Fr. Ramon begins with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. He talks to the children and asks them questions. This month, the Holy Half Hour moved to the second Friday to accommodate our community retreat. Since it was still the Christmas season, he talked about Christmas, the nativity and the decorations in the chapel.  One girl asked, “Why do you have grapes on there?” referring to Fr. Ramon’s vestment.  He explained that the wine we use for Church is made from grapes and that there is usually wheat on the vestment too because bread is made from wheat. 


After they talk Fr. Ramon asks everyone to pray for others. They pray one decade of the rosary together and Fr. Ramon reposes the Blessed Sacrament. Then the group leaves the chapel to go downstairs. The kids enjoy snacks and juice and play on the Foosball table, pillows and anything else they can get their hands on. Even when you are upstairs in the office you know that  many children are having fun and making a joyful noise to the Lord.

— Jonathan Mundell, YA

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