Day for the Children of Youth Apostles Brothers


This past Saturday, we had a day here at the house for the children of Youth Apostles. The day began with Mass and then after breakfast we broke up into groups to come up with a skit on a parable. It was truly fun to engage in the Scriptures in a visual and interactive way. A variety of props were used to give some added comedic effect.


DSCN8412After the skits, we went into the chapel for Adoration and an opportunity to encounter the Scriptures in prayer. Through a guided Ignatian meditation, we reflected on the story of Jesus walking on the water, how he calls us out of the boat personally and we need to focus on Him and not the storms around us. We then broke for a pizza lunch and some free time for sports. It was a truly wonderful day with 17 kids from 9 different families. Some of the Consecrated brothers and some of the fathers helped plan the day and were present for all the activities. Our hope is to continue to build up this community of the children of our brothers.DSCN8387DSCN8388

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