Closing of the The Year of Consecrated Life

    Closing of the The Year of Consecrated Life

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    This past Saturday, Bishop Loverde celebrated Mass at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More to Close the Year of Consecrated Life. Pope Francis ended the Year on February 2 in Rome but in the United States, the ending was pushed to this past weekend so that many religious from our diocese could be present. The Gospel was the story of the great catch of fish when Jesus told St. Peter and the disciples to throw their nets in after they had caught nothing all day and then had a great catch.

    During his homily, Bishop Loverde gave three “clues” from the Gospel that point to the consecrated life. First, he spoke of the community. Peter wasn’t alone and it was pointed out that Peter said, “we have worked hard.” Bishop encouraged us that “we cannot work alone for the Lord.” The catch is too large for anyone one person to bring in but instead we are to find strength in numbers. The second takeaway was the head. While there is a group that Jesus is addressing, he speaks with St. Peter, the leader of the group. Bishop encouraged us to be united with Peter’s successor, the pope, and to work with him. Quoting Pope Francis frequently, it was suggested that we review our attitude with the pope. However Bishop Loverde continued, expressing that every community has their own successor or leader. As men and women of community, we are too look to our leaders and be obedient to them. The final fishing clue was the catch. It was not one fish at a time but instead a large net set out. “Extend the net widely!” Bishop Loverde charged the consecrated present to cast the net so as to catch as many souls as possible. Although after even one person is gained for Christ there is great rejoicing, we need to be professionals in community who “fish far and wide to the peripheries.”

    To conclude his homily, Bishop expressed his gratitude for all those who have given their lives in service to the Church and for their great love of God. “Don’t forget your first vocation, your first call.” This was a great reminder to me how I need to always be grateful to God for calling me. First to be His son and second to the consecrated life to serve Him. It is Youth Apostle’s mission to inspire the young people we interact with to realize this call from God: that the first and most important thing is they are a beloved child of God.

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