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    Bishop Burbidge Visits Youth Apostles

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    For pictures from the evening, click here.

    Bishop Michael Burbidge, the newly installed Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington, visited Youth Apostles on Tuesday, March 21. He celebrated Mass and had dinner with our community.

    After dinner, he joined us for a brief presentation by Mike Paquette, Fr. Tom, and Rob Tessier on the history, mission, and vision of Youth Apostles. Mike talked about our extensive candidate formation program and the thrust of our community to do youth ministry. As a priest in the Diocese, Fr. Tom told the Bishop how important it is to have consecrated clerics in community with single and married men. Rob spoke on his long career in youth ministry.

    To conclude the evening, Bishop Burbidge asked the men present what the greatest needs of the youth are today and how we can meet those needs. The overall consensus was the plethora of distractions and options, and how it’s hard to compete for attention in the Northern Virginia area. Bishop commended us on our missionary zeal and apostolic thrust to serve the young people in the Diocese.

    We were blessed to have the Bishop join us and be an active member of our special meeting with him that night. We continue to keep him in prayer as he begins his new ministry in our Diocese!

    St. Leo’s CLC Update

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    8th Graders at the Boys Confirmation Retreat celebrate the wonders of Fall

    In the great city of Fairfax, CLC at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church has seen a promising start to the beginning of the year. For the first time within the past month, St. Leo’s has coordinated two weekend Confirmation retreats for both boys and girls. The girls retreat saw 18 eighth graders attend, and the boys saw similar numbers with 17. The retreats were a resounding success, with lots of positive feedback from parents and teens. A week after the boys retreat, the Boys and Girls CLC’s held a joint Pizza Info Night. There was a solid turnout from both retreats. Pizza and beverages were provided, and over half a dozen teens and their parents attended. The boys moderators, Mike Paquette, Erik Teter, and Jon Perez and the girls moderators, Laura Schafer Bennett and Katie van Lieshout, were there to field questions that parents and teens had. Furthermore, many other parents emailed, saying they could not attend the info meeting, but that their son or daughter was interested in CLC.


    Since the CLC meeting itself, the Boys CLC have had eight guys coming consistently in addition to their six committed members. They are on track to have a joint commitment liturgy with St Mary’s CLC in two weeks on November 13th.  The moderators are excited for their guys to take further steps in their commitments, and for the new 8th graders to start coming to meetings.


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