Parables Project – ONE Universal Catholic Church: The Chipotle Parable

Jesus was fond of using parables to teach principles, to help others to understand and apply the Law of Love, and to illustrate what they need to grasp as believers. But this teaching and ministerial device is just as useful today as it was 2,000 years ago.

Following is a contemporary parable, submitted by a member of Youth Apostles. It is suitable for use or adaptation in ministry.

ONE Universal Catholic Church: The Chipotle Parable

A young boy was walking the streets in Northern, VA after a hard day of work. He was starving but he wanted something that would truly satisfy him. He passed many restaurants and fast food places along the way but none of them excited him. He was craving something more, something better than the mundane places he walked by. Suddenly he passed by a place he had never seen before, it was called Chipotle Mexican Grill. There was something special about this place that attracted him; it was different than anywhere else he had been. As soon as he walked in, the smell of the food and the atmosphere embraced him like a warm welcoming hug. He looked at the menu with awe as he decided what to get. Then he looked down at all of the naturally raised ingredients in front of him but was troubled because there were so many different combinations he could choose (60,000 to be exact). He felt a little lost because it was his first time, but the gracious and loving burrito creator helped him step by step to make his unique burrito. First she warmed up the tortilla and placed it on the counter, but he thought nothing of it.

The counter contained a wonderful spread of food and fixings to go in the burrito. Everything was unique and had specific qualities. There was rice, steak, chicken, carnitas, barbacoa, black and pinto beans, vegetables, medium, mild and hot salsa, corn, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and lettuce! Finally the nice woman put the last item on and began to wrap it. Suddenly the boy saw how important of a role the tortilla played that he did not see before. The tortilla brought all of the ingredients together into ONE complete beautiful burrito. No matter what he put in it; whether it be carnitas, pinto beans, corn and cheese or chicken, vegetables, hot salsa, and sour cream, it all played a unique role in creating the burrito.

There are over a billion Catholics in the world. Each one of them is different in many ways. They come from every continent, speak hundreds of different languages, and have unique cultures. But no matter how many differences there are between an American Catholic and a Chinese Catholic, or a Nigerian Catholic, or a Venezuelan Catholic, or a Polish Catholic; we are all united in the same Catholic Church. Every one of us plays a different role in the Church. We are the Church and Jesus Christ is just as present in the Eucharist in Rome as he is in South Africa. If steak, corn, and guacamole can come together in a burrito than we can celebrate the Lord’s Supper with our Indian neighbor, that Lebanese exchange student and our Italian Mother-in-law.

Oh yeah the boy’s life changed after his Chipotle experience and he converted many other people into Chipotle lovers.

Submitted by Jimmy Noone


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