Parables Project – Living in a Rock Tumbler

Jesus was fond of using parables to teach principles, to help others to understand and apply the Law of Love, and to illustrate what they need to grasp as believers. But this teaching and ministerial device is just as useful today as it was 2,000 years ago.

Following is a contemporary parable, submitted by a member of Youth Apostles. It is suitable for use or adaptation in ministry.

Living in a Rock Tumbler

Living in community (a YA house, in marriage, or with one’s parents or siblings) is a lot like living in a rock tumbler. Ugly, dull, non-descript rocks get thrown into a canister with loose sand. The canister is slowly rotated, over and over, for weeks. The close proximity with others knocks the rough edges off the rocks, and they are transformed into beautiful, colorful, polished stones. What does this parable mean?

Like rocks in the tumbler, we have our rough edges – our selfish tendencies – which make us prickly and ugly. Living with others helps identify these problem areas and essentially knocks them off, thereby transforming us into the beautiful people we were meant to be.

I use this parable when discussing community life. I have (and find) it rough at times, but it has made me less selfish, better and happier.

Submitted by Mike Miller 

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