Parish Youth Ministry and CLCs

    Youth Apostles are often engaged in full-time or part-time parish youth ministries where they seek to build programs that foster the spiritual growth of young people and contribute to the life of the parish. Such programs typically include diverse elements such as Catholic Life Communities (CLC), youth groups, religious education classes, young adult ministry and music or theater ministries.

    The Catholic Life Community is our signature ministry. CLC’s are small communities of faith for high school students designed to provide teens with the support they need to commit themselves to an integrated spiritual and moral life.

    The CLC communities help young people discover the Eucharistic Christ, the power of prayer, the example of Mary, the meaning of genuine friendship and the strength of spiritual guidance. These communities place special emphasis on teens’ efforts to cultivate the paramount Christian virtues of faith, hope and love within themselves.

    Parishes where we work

    • All Saints — Manassas, Va. — Rob Tessier, Director of Youth Ministry
    • Blessed Sacrament – Alexandria, Va. – Fr. Tom, YA, Parochial Vicar
    • Holy Trinity – Gainesville, Va. – Paul Bevins, Director of Youth Ministry
    • St. Bernadette – Springfield, Va. – Fr. Jack, YA, Youth Apostles Consultant
    • St. Bernadette – Springfield, Va. – Stephen Paquette, Assistant Director of Youth Ministry
    • St. Bernadette – Springfield, Va. – Jim Harbour, Youth Apostles Missionary
    • St. Anthony of Padua – Falls Church, Va. – James Armstrong, Director of Youth Ministry
    • Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Thurmont, Md. – Mike Miller, Director of Youth Ministry
    • Blessed Sacrament – Harrisonburg, Va. – George Brunner, Director of Youth Ministry
    • St. Joseph — Herndon, Va. — Mike Power, Middle School Ministry
    • St. Mary of Sorrows — Fairfax, Va. — Bobby Celio, CLC moderator
    • St. Luke – McLean, Va. – Benjamin Emrich, Youth Ministry Intern
    • Holy Spirit – Christiansburg, Va. – Mark Embree, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. John Neumann – Reston, Va. – Sean McCartney, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. Therese – San Diego, Ca. – Charles Negus, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. Joseph – Herdon, Va. – Mike and Kelly Power, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. Mary/Holy Angels – St. Albans, Vt. – Bill Gavin, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. Peter the Apostle – Union Bridge, MD – Kevin Parker, Director of Youth Ministry
    • Sacred Heart – Manassas, Va. – Kevin Gibson, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • Sacred Heart – Winchester, Va. – John Campbell, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. Frances de Sales – Purcellville, Va. – Mike Galdo, Youth Choir
    • Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Newport News, Va. – Joe Clem, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. Ann – Midland, Ga. – Ben Kolodziej, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • Basilica of St. Mary – Alexandria, Va. – Tyler Fabian, Youth Ministry volunteer
    • St. Mark – Vienna, Va. – Bobby Welsh, CLC volunteer

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