Virginia Tech Joins Thousands of Catholic College Students at SEEK 2015

My wife Carmen, Father David and I began our year by attending SEEK Conference 2015, an event put on by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). SEEK is an opportunity for college students from across the nation to deepen their relationship with Christ through frequenting the sacraments (daily Mass and adoration with the 9500 conference goers and over 5500 confessions heard throughout the week!), talks given by nationally renowned speakers (Matt Fradd, Chris Stefanik, and Helen Alvaré to name a few), and have fellowship with one another. We were also treated to a Matt Maher concert and a performance by the hot pocket loving Jim Gaffigan.

Virginia Tech students and campus ministry staff enjoying a meal together at SEEK 2015.

We brought a small group of students who were interested in attending the conference with us, and were able to have dinner with one another the last night of the event to catch up and see how everyone’s experience went. This was the first year that staff and students attended SEEK from Virginia Tech’s campus ministry, and based on our experience, we intend to bring a large group to San Antonio when SEEK 2017 rolls around!

It was great to see Youth Apostles represented at SEEK by our lay consecrated brothers Peter Clem and Jonathan Mundell. In addition to joining us for the various talks, Masses and events, they manned a sponsor booth at which they spoke to dozens of students about the mission of Youth Apostles. It was also great to see our brother Youth Apostles from George Mason University (and their students!) at SEEK. The conference was a wonderful glimpse into the strength of the young Church on so many of our college campuses and gave me much hope for the good God is doing through young people each and every day.


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About the author:

Andrew DeCelle is a Youth Apostle Campus Missionary at Virginia Tech. Along with his wife, Carmen, he leads Bible studies, mentors students in their relationship with Christ one on one, and finds ways to bring the joy of the Gospel to students through participating through various activities on campus. You can find out more about Andrew and Carmen’s missionary work here.

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