George Mason’s Encounter with Christ #1

By Matthew Clem, YA Candidateencounter gmu group

Last weekend, February 27-March 1, George Mason University held its first Encounter With Christ retreat (EWC). I was blessed to be a part of the team that went on the retreat, which was made up of students. Some adult leaders included YA candidate Tyler Fabian, WoYA directress Kelly Powers, and other Catholic Campus Ministry staff, like that Fr. Peter guy.

Mason has always wanted to hold these retreats and finally we had a team to get the ball rolling. The retreat brought together people from all backgrounds, Catholic, non-Catholic, non-religious, uber religious, the whole sha-bang! This set us up nicely for the theme, “Come and See.” We emphasized to the retreatants that Jesus loves you and from that flows all else in life. He is waiting for you to accept that love, through a direct encounter with Him, whether it was prayer or dancing to Uptown Funk, or facing off in rap battles (Catholic ones of course!), or even sitting with a brand new person and learning their stories. It was a retreat filled with the love of Christ and community.

Now the Lord also had to work a special miracle for the 1st EWC. As you all know this winter we have fallen victim to the sheer havoc of the snow miser and the Lord recruited him to send ice and snow on Sunday. We were told the bus could not make it out to West Virginia, where we were, so we were receiving an extra day for the retreat. After several tears, some my own, the chaos died down and we had a night of community. So many blessings were placed on us in our extra night, solidifying the love of Christ in our retreatants. We made it home safe on Monday morning and since then, I have seen them all living the 4th day (which is everyday after the retreat, living out resolutions).

God Bless and thank you all for your love and prayers!

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