Full Member Mark Embree wins the George R. Brown Teaching Award

    Full Member Mark Embree wins the George R. Brown Teaching Award

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    Full member Mark Embree, a professor of computational and applied mathematics, has received the highest honor for undergraduate teaching at Rice University.

    The George R. Brown Prize for Excellence in Teaching is awarded after a vote taken among recent alumni.

    Behind Embree’s success reaching students in the classroom lies a deep enthusiasm for his discipline. I really relish the challenge of sharing my love for mathematics, he told the student newspaper, The Rice Thresher. “When I give a bad lecture, I feel like I’ve done a real disservice to beauty, and that bothers me to no end.”

    Embree, who studied computer science and mathematics at Virginia Tech and pursued doctoral studies in numerical analysis at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, has developed a reputation at Rice for designing projects and problem-solving exercises as an alternative to the textbook-and-blackboard style of math coursework.

    One recent project prompted students to determine how to optimally distribute medical backpacks in Malawi. “I find it a real challenge for me,” he said, “to take students who have come to math through experiences in high school that are very rote and convince them mathematics is far more creative and beautiful than that.”

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