ProLife Prayers

First Place Senior Division YA Prolife Poster Contest

A few years ago we had young people write prayers to promote prolife themes. For those of you who were able to attend the March, continue to pray using these prayers below. For those who were not able to attend, this is a great way to join by spiritually marching.

  1. Dear Mary, please give all young mothers the strength you had to accept Jesus into your life. Let all young mothers learn from your experience and show them that life is always worth the challenge.
  2. Dear Joseph, please give all young fathers the strength you had to stand by Mary when others would not. Please show them that a new life is always a blessing and that though the road may be tough, God will guide you through it and the rewards will be everlasting.
  3. Merciful Lord, through the example of your Son, Jesus Christ, may our hearts be set on fire so that through the gifts of the Holy Spirit we may protect those unborn who are vulnerable and cannot shelter themselves. Through your mercy, please enlighten those who have wandered away from your truth and bring them back as did the Shepherd of the lost sheep.
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