First Place Essays from Pro-life Essay Contest



John Vu

Holy Cross Academy Grade 7

He created the sun, the stars. He picked out the colors of the sunset, the reflection of the stars. The sky and its beauty is breathtaking; not even a picture can describe and show how wonderful the Earth was made. From the ocean tides to the white sands of the beaches we call vacations, all are a gift from God. All of these the truly amazing mother nature, was created by Him, the Father. God spent days creating the Earth, which we live on. Something mankind could never create; yet, He is creating YOU, your child.

The greatest gift you could have ever been given is sitting in your womb waiting for you to see their precious smile, their first laugh, and their first steps. Do not be frightened, do not have your mind come across abortion.

Would you reject a gift your Father, your Lord, your God has given you? Would you simply throw it away just like that?

The universe was meant is for happiness. Your child will be the biggest and most tiresome job you will ever have in your life, but after watching your child grow will grant you the biggest and widest smile you will ever have. Your happy ever after is all right there; watching your child have their first day at school, their first academic award, their first prom, all the way up to the first day they leave the boundaries of your home for college. However, that won’t stop you from being their mother. Imagine the first day your baby, your child, will get baptized and become a member of the Church, the day they receive their first Communion, and finally their sacrament of Marriage.

Time sure does fly, but as long as God is with you time will last an eternity. The beauty of your child in the womb is remarkable. Although they aren’t visible in this Earth with us, their spirit is already here, and finally when your child is born all the time taken away from that nine months will be worth it. All the time you, as a new mother, put in for your little miracle will be present in front of you. Your child’s first tear, first smile, and first laugh will be the highlight of your day, and soon your child’s accomplishments will be the highlights of your life.

You will never, ever, stop thinking of your child as a child; they will always be your baby, your gift from God.



Lucy Schafer

Paul VI High School Grade 10 

Dear Expectant Mother,

I want you to do something for me.

Think of the happiest moments of your life. Now think of the next one. And the next one. And keep thinking of all the happiest moments of your life.

Next, I need you to think about all the people in your life that YOU have changed or whose lives you have affected in any way, for the better.

This person could be that starved homeless man you stopped in the street and gave a $5 bill to. This could be the self-conscious shy girl you told looked absolutely gorgeous at the senior prom. This could be the person you smiled at in the street today. This person could be your mother. You know why?

Because that homeless man — he had dinner today. The girl at the prom, she became a more confident person. That sulky looking man you smiled at today — he might just have been having the worst day in history, and that smile, YOUR smile, was all he needed. And your mother, the woman who gave you life, the incredibly strong and independent woman who stood up for you, who made you smile when the world was crashing in on you — that woman gave you life and asked for nothing in return because YOU were all she needed. Without that woman, you would not have had your happiest moments.

This is the value of life, the sharing of your happiest moments with your closest loved ones. Some people will never experience that true happiness.

Why? Abortion.

Let someone else experience moments like the ones that just popped into your mind. Let someone else experience life. Because life is so very great. Why deprive someone of their natural right to experience it? Let your child make the world a better place. Choose life, save a child.

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