Youth Apostles Weekly Update vol. 9, no. 3

Youth Apostles Weekly Update vol. 9, no. 3

In this issue (1/27/12):

1) Priorities: Done been retreated

2) Events: Petit piety

3) Coming up at 1600 Carlin: Narrowing that down

4) Birthdays Cadenas

5) Prayer intentions

6) News: The gloves come off

7) Retreat notebook

8) The Fine Print


1) Priorities:

Away they went: The Women Youth Apostles retreat went very well last weekend. They had 18 women on retreat. Father Jack was there for two days. Eduardo came out and gave two talks. Father David went for Mass on Sunday morning. God was very generous with his grace; thanks for your prayers.


Richmond seeks CM interns: The diocese is accepting applications for campus ministry interns for next year. Deadline is January 31. The internships come with a stipend and the chance to pursue a master’s degree in pastoral ministry or theology at no cost.  More info @:


Food for the Soul: Father Jack is looking to expand this ministry. Please tell someone about it and send their email to Eric McDade () so he can extend a proper invitation. The next feeding is February 10 with Mass at 7 followed by a light breakfast and a talk on “The Delight of Heaven” at 7:40.


Patrons in the house: The literary voraciousness of the Full Member formation program continues in March with a choice between John Morrison’s The Educational Philosophy of St. John Bosco and Chesterton’s classic meditation on St. Francis of Assisi.


Photos wanted: People want to know more about our ministry. Lest we convey the authenticity of an infomercial, we need pictures. Send to .


What’s going on in your life? Getting married? Falconing? Completing a degree? Moving to Montreal? Your brothers should know: .


2) Events:

February 3                               Children’s Holy Half-Hour, 10:30 a.m.

February 7                               Youth Ministry Seminar: 2 H.S. seniors and 2 college seniors

answer questions about their faith development

February 10                             Food for the Soul, 7:00 a.m.

February 11-12                        College Spring Workshop @ McLean YA House

February 23                             YA Council Meeting

February 27                             Father Jack visits Theological College once more with Father

Bashista and Bishop Loverde.

April 28                                   Full Member workshop (8:30 – 5:00)

June 9                                      Priestly Ordination of Deacon Tom Yehl


3) Coming up at 1600 Carlin Lane

Note on coming to dinner: Please remember you are all welcome to join us for dinner on Tuesday nights, just make sure to call us (703-556-0914) to let us know you’re coming. Please try to call before 3 p.m.


January 31

St. John Bosco

Mass and meeting, topic TBA, but  is not likely to address lawn darts, the Endangered Species Act, Neoplatonism, eigenvalues, basic strategies for success in chess, cyclonic circulations or prison security in the United Kingdom.


February 7

St. Moses

February’s youth ministry seminar is a panel of two high school and two college seniors who will talk and answer questions about their own faith development.


4) Birthdays

February 7                   Ric Cadenas


5) Prayer Intentions:

  • For Tom Duesterhaus
  • For David Glasow’s mother and others suffering with severe illness
  • For the souls and families of friends who have died
  • For vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life, particularly within Youth Apostles
  • For the ongoing renewal of the consecrated life in Youth Apostles
  • For the victims of war and an end to war; and for our soldiers and their families
  • For all pregnant mothers and the babies they carry


6) Youth, Youth Ministry, and Catholic News

N.b., news gathered from third-party sources is intended to meet the broad interests of Youth Apostles and other men interested in Catholic youth ministry. The factual content, analysis, and opinions contained therein do not represent the views of the Youth Apostles Institute or any of its members or employees.


“Pope warns Catholics to hold to doctrine,” UPI, January 27, 2012

“Pope Benedict XVI said Friday at the Vatican the world faces a crisis of faith and warned against indifference to doctrine in the name of religious unity.”


“Whose Conscience? Which Religion? The Enemy Is Partially Us,” Zenit, January 24, 2012

“There is a lot of anger over the Obama administration’s recently announced decision to require religiously-affiliated employers to cover contraceptive services in their insurance plans, and rightly so.”


7) Retreat Notebook

How committed am I to seeking God’s will?


8) The Fine Print:

Member addresses and the Youth Apostles online calendar (// are up-to-date. Please let us know if you have corrections or new events to post; contact me if you can’t access the calendar. .


2010 – 2013 Council

Director:                                                                        Fr. Jack Peterson                         

Assistant Directors

Laity:                                                          Jim Garster                                                                 

Consecrated:                                     Fr. Peter Nassetta                                              

At-large Council:                           Mike Power                                                                 

Chip Snyder                                                                

Formation Director                                              Fr. Jack Peterson                         

Treasurer:                                                                    Chip Snyder                                                                

Secretary:                                                                    Bobby Welsh                                                              

Interim House Director:                                   Erik Teter                                                                     

Apostolic Coordinator:                                    Mike Paquette                                                          



Administrator:                                                          Brian Abrams                                                             

Development Director:                                     Eric McDade                                                               

Maltster:                                                                       John “Worthog” Nagy                                       


Youth Apostles Institute        1600 Carlin Lane, McLean, VA  22101   //

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