Inspiring College Men to Lives of Virtue

On a beautiful Spring evening, a group of twenty students from OldDominionUniversity gathered at the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) House for the second annual Men’s Retreat. The theme of the night was based on what FOCUS (The Fellowship of Catholic University Students) has named the “Big 3” issues that college students deal with on a regular basis: sobriety, chastity and excellence.

             After playing a rousing game of capture the flag and eating seven boxes of pizza, the students listened to talks on each of the three issues and broke into small groups to share with one another their trials and triumphs regarding each one.

  • Andrew DeCelle gave the talk on sobriety, reminding students that it’s not only a matter of following the law and only drinking in moderation, but is virtue requiring one to keep their whole state of mind and body healthy so that we may love ourselves and one another as Christ has called us to.
  • Andrew Waring spoke on chastity, using the imagery of C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce” to illustrate that our sexuality is a beautiful gift when we use it for God’s purposes rather than our own.
  • Kevin Loker, a recent graduate of GMU where he served on the CCM Student Ministry Team, traveled down from Northern Virginia to speak on excellence. His talk concentrated on our need to do everything “For the greater glory of God” (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam) rather than for ourselves.

             Following the final talk, Father Mike Kuhn exposed the Blessed Sacrament for an hour of Adoration and was available to hear Confessions. The night was an overall success, as it facilitated fellowship, deep sharing among the students and challenged everyone in attendance to strive to be men of virtue, seeking forgiveness whenever necessary.

–Andrew DeCelle

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