Give thanks because he lives!

This season of Lent is a great opportunity for spiritual growth. It can be, though, a drag at times due to the cold weather, failing in our resolutions, etc. Lent always seems to come at the toughest time of the year. I wish it came during the summer; it would be much easier to not eat meat on a nice, sunny day in July. But alas, this is not the case!


Youth Apostles Ash Wed selife with Fr. Mike and Jimmy.

However, it’s still vitally important to be thankful during this time. Our culture often prioritizes the negative, from the weather to the Redskins game. This lack of joy is contagious. When one person complains, it’s easy to jump in and complain as well. The spirits of bitterness, moodiness, and grumbling can easily take hold of us. Often it’s good to remind ourselves of the good things God has placed in our lives. Specific things, not just general things like “the air I breathe” or “I had a nice dinner.” Concrete things! Be thankful for good memories, time spent with loved ones, a laugh shared with a brother, or a Chipotle burrito.

One of the things that I’ve been thankful for is this song by Matt Maher. It’s powerful not only because of the music, but the words behind it. At the Life Is Very Good Rally in January at the Patriot Center, Matt shared a powerful testimony. He had a disease that he thought was going to take his life. He struggled with this for the majority of his life. Just last year, a new drug came out that provided a cure for him. As a result, he wrote this song. Even though he felt dead and abandoned by God, Jesus lived in him. When he was too weak to stand, Jesus took the stand for him. This is something that has resonated in my own prayer life. Christ is greater than any struggle, any sin, or any hardship that I will bear in this life. “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.”


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