Franciscan University Vocations Fair 2014

IMG_1344This past Friday, Jonathan Mundell and I headed up to Steubenville, Ohio for Franciscan University’s annual Religious Vocations Awareness Day. There were over 40 different religious communities there with a table and someone to tell interested students about their community. It was inspiring to see the life of the Church and the great joy every community had in telling others about what part they play in bringing more souls to Christ. It was a great opportunity for Youth Apostles to stand among some of these religious communities who are hundreds of years old and know that we have a unique place within the history of the Church. Nearly every person who came to our table, both religious and students, were fascinated by our community. The most talked about topic was how we are a mixed association of single, married, consecrated lay, and consecrated clerics and the dynamics of how we are able to share in the beauty of every vocation within the context of community. The other aspect of our community that most intrigued others was our focus on doing youth ministry. Everyone who stopped by our booth to explore Youth Apostles loved how we see youth ministry as the most important thing to be doing. Jonathan and I were renewed in our own vigor to live fully the mission of Youth Apostles through the constant explanation of who we are and what we do.¬†The trip was also great because we were able to catch up with a couple of students from the NOVA area along¬†with Jonathan’s sister Kristen.


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