Fr. Jack Celebrating 200th Anniversary of St. John Bosco

    Fr. Jack Celebrating 200th Anniversary of St. John Bosco

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    DBC-161351-26617115Last Friday, Fr. Jack was invited to the Don Bosco Christo Del Rey High School in Takoma Park, Maryland to celebrate Mass and be the main celebrant. This was a particularly special day because it was to remember the 200th anniversary of the birth of St. John Bosco. During his homily, Fr. Jack talked about how St. John Bosco meant a great deal to him personally. He shared this story from his visit to Turin where the great saint is from:DBC-161351-26617134

    “We made our way up to the main altar, and then I turned to the right and there was Don Bosco’s tomb. I was drawn to the kneelers in front of his remains. I put my head down to pray and I found myself weeping for about 15 minutes. My love for him and the connection that I felt with Him overwhelmed me like a title wave. I was so close to him, his beloved oratory, where he labored so hard for so many years, in the Church that he build in honor of the Blessed Mother…It was a profound experience of a saint who had truly become my spiritual companion.”

    He went on to encourage the youth that “When we have a mom, dad, uncle, aunt, teacher, youth worker, priest or coach that cares for us, spends time with us, advocates for us, encourages us, spend lots of time thanking God for them.” Fr. Jack spoke of the many great qualities of St. John Bosco and why the boys were willing to listen to him, particularly the great care he showed. It was in loving that they listened to him. He spoke about how St. John Bosco often taught the boys that being a good Christian meant being a good citizen. He went on to clarify that a faith-filled Christian:

    • Is responsible for their daily duties, persevering in the face of obstacles;
    • Is generous with others, especially those in need;
    • Is committed to living high moral standards even when others around them are not;
    • Is quick to address an important need even at personal expense.

    Finally, he concluded his homily talking about a modern day mentor in his own life, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who led Fr. Jack during his formative years in seminary and continues to stay in touch when he is in the DC area.

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