Five, Six, Seven…

May 14, 2013

My head is spinning, and I’m not sure if it’s due to the dizzying pace with which our Norfolk community is expanding or if I stood up too fast after the consecration (could go either way).  God has blessed our community so abundantly over the past two years that we should probably all be blushing.

 Several weeks ago three men made candidate commitments to our community, meaning that they are formally committing to discern full membership in the Youth Apostles community.  That brings to seven the total number of men who have become candidates in Norfolk since we moved here in June 2011.

Our joy in welcoming so many great men into our nascent community in Norfolk is surpassed only by our humility – because it is clear to all of us how God is working through us to reach the young people in this area.  His hand is evident in the great men he has sent us, the support we have received from so many people in the Hampton Roads area (Pastors, youth ministers, friends), and the opportunities he has provided us to do ministry.

If it be God’s will our community will continue to grow in Norfolk.  However, the growth is secondary; our purpose is to lead young people to Christ – that is why we are here and that continues to be the force that will drive us.  We give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve him in Norfolk, and for the great men he continues to send to assist us in these efforts.  We look forward to continuing to share God’s good news in Norfolk for years to come!

–Chip Snyder

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