First Week Consecrated


Me with my new consecrated brothers (missing Fr. David Sharland)

I wanted to take some time to sit back and reflect on my first week of consecration because I believe it has truly been an exciting experience worth sharing.  To begin, Saturday was indeed blessed.  To have so many come out to share in the wonderful celebration of 35 years of our community and my initial consecrated commitment was humbling and breathtaking to see.  It was very difficult to get through the Mass from the very first note of “We are Called” because the idea of making my commitment went from being an idea to a reality to be lived out.  Consecrated life in community has been on my heart for a little over 4 years although Youth Apostles has always been present in my life since I was born due to my grandparent’s and parent’s involvement.  The promises are so beautifully written and to be reading them before the altar took much energy because of the great joy in my heart that decided to show itself through many tears.  It was an incredible experience to be making this commitment before so many that I love and have loved from various aspects of my life: family, brothers in community, friends from childhood, high school, college, and from time at All Saints as an intern.   I reflected on how all these people and the experiences with them led me to this moment that is not the end but indeed the beginning.  I am so grateful to all those that came!


Reading my commitment

Fast forward a few hours and I was getting up for my first Holy Hour with my consecrated brothers.  As some may know, I struggle very much so with getting up in the morning, let alone praying while trying to keep awake.  However, God is so good and this past week has yielded not only 100% attendance but also a deeper prayer life through the Liturgy of the Hours and moments to gaze upon Jesus in the Eucharist and speak to Him in the quiet of my heart.  I have had many reflections which I hope to share with my brothers, young people I serve, and any who would like to hear them 🙂  Due to the very structured nature of this first year, I have increased my prayer to almost 3 hours a day to include Holy Hour, Liturgy of the Hours, daily rosary, Mass, and random moments to just sit in quiet.  On top of this I am also diving right into spiritual formation reading that will lead to more opportunities to grow.

On top of this increase in my prayer life, both quantitative and qualitative, I have had many opportunities to spend time with brothers outside the chapel by going to their houses for football games, helping out with various chores around the house, playing soccer, watching movies, playing board games, cooking dinner, and most importantly eating together.  The meal times are some of my favorites because they lead to so many various conversations and I feel the change in how I want to engage my brothers in a more intentional way since my consecration.

I am so eager to continue this year with a joyful heart and although there are challenges, I know that through the grace of God and with the help of my brothers, this will be an incredible year that will lead me to a strengthened holiness on the journey to Heaven.  Please pray for me in my journey and that more men will consider consecrated life within Youth Apostles.  Know that I am praying for you daily and if you have any specific intentions, please let me know at . For more information and an AWESOME video on vocations within Youth Apostles check out  //

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