Cardinal Sean in DC

    Cardinal Sean in DC

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    Cardinal Sean emulating the Joy of the Gospel!

    Last night, September 9th, a group of brothers, a few wives, and some friends made their way into DC to see Cardinal Sean O’Malley speak at the Newseum.  The event was hosted by the John Caroll Society.  It was a wonderful night centered around discussing Pope Francis and the New Evangelization.  One of the main points he made was about how we need to be missionary disciples to the Western world where it can be more difficult to reinvigorate the Church in places where people know of Jesus but are apathetic to following him.  Frequently quoting the Holy Father, he spoke about the need for tenderness in protecting people and showing concern.  “The truth isn’t a wet rag that you throw at someone but a warm cape that you wrap around and embrace another with.”

    Another major point was addressing the need to reach out to others beyond our own spheres.  “The Church must open its doors, not only to let others in, but to go out into the world.”  And when we go out, we need to reach out to those in poverty who are in greatest need of spiritual feeding.  He spoke about how we can do nothing without God and if we do nothing, God won’t be able to.  The idea of being the hands and feet of Jesus to the poorest of the poor was drawn primarily from Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel.


    In reference to something we can be doing, Cardinal Sean spoke of a story of the homily John the Apostle would give.  People would ask John why he kept giving the same homily.  John responded: “Little children, love one another.  When Jesus walked with us, this is what he always told us.”  Cardinal Sean told us Jesus gave the gift of the Eucharist and the command to love one another on Holy Thursday and then on Ascension Thursday the gift of the promise of the Holy Spirit and the command to go make disciples of all nations.  He ended the night with questions and told us that we learn the faith just as we learn a language: by living in a community with others who know it and live it.  The night ended with a lengthy standing ovation and many smiles as we left with much to ponder.  But before we left, Fr. Jack and Fr. Peter were invited to go back and give a brief hello to the Cardinal.

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