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    2012 Youth Apostles Awards

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    This year Youth Apostles will honor three individuals for their commitment and excellence in youth ministry programs. We will honor both a male and female teen with the Saint Dominic Savio and Saint Maria Goretti awards and a youth volunteer with the Saint John Bosco award.

    Please take the time to review the nomination forms and consider nominating someone involved at your parish or place of ministry. YA Full Member Jim Albanese, the awards coordinator, would like to receive the nominations no later than November 9. Please email him at with any questions and share this link with others who may want to nominate someone for the awards.

    Click here for the 2012 YM Awards letter and nomination forms.

    1st Five Year Commitments for Women Youth Apostles

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    On June 23, 2012, six of our sisters (bottom row from left to right: Lauren Traskey, Irene Viorritto, Kathy Sullivan, Kelly Power, Laura Schaefer, and Jessica Kresge) in the Women Youth Apostles renewed their full-member commitments for five years. This is an exciting step for their community because it is the first time that the full members have made five year commitments.

    Women Youth Apostles is a sister community to Youth Apostles. They are a lay community of the Christian faithful with a similar focus on relational ministry with young people in the spirit of St. John Bosco.

    May God continue to bless the Women Youth Apostles community and their ministry.

    La Mancha Soars As Both Theater And Ministry

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    It takes dozens of people working toward a common purpose to put on a big musical like The Man of La Mancha.

    Maybe that’s what gives a theatrical production so much potential as a ministry. It inspires people, draws them outside of themselves and brings them together in a kind of communion.

    It helps, of course, when the story is about seeing the beauty in the essence of the other, as Don Quixote does with his lady. She may be the lowly Aldonza to everyone else, including herself, but to her knight she is the peerless Dulcinea. Nothing shakes his way of seeing her. And that is the essence of Christian seeing — how Christ sees each one of us and how we are called to see one another.

    Several Youth Apostles played their parts — Joey Clem as Don Quixote himself and Father Peter Nassetta, YA, (above, at left) as The Padre. Rob Tessier, coordinator of youth ministry at All Saints parish in Manassas, Va., directed the show, which ran July 18-22.

    The Man of La Mancha, This Week At All Saints

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    This Wednesday, July 18, the curtain goes up on The Man of La Mancha, Upper Room Theatre Ministries’ summer production at All Saints Catholic Church. Upper Room is the theatrical child of Rob Tessier, a YA Full Member and the coordinator of youth ministry at the Manassas, Virginia, parish. Their annual summer shows have become a tradition and this year’s musical, starring Joey Clem (pictured) as the great, delusional Spanish knight in a cast that includes his fellow Youth Apostle, Father Peter Nassetta, is their most ambitious yet in set, costumes, music and performance. Come see the incomparable Don Quixote de la Mancha pursue his peerless Dulcinea in this tale of beauty and seeing others as they really are!

    Tickets for the six shows are available by calling 703-393-2141 ext. 400. Adults $15; Seniors $12; Children under 18, $8. Showtimes: W/Th/F @ 7:30 p.m.; Saturday @ 2:00 and 7:30; Sunday @ 2:00. Visit the show’s Events page on Facebook:

    Junior High BASH 2012 – Your Place in God’s Plan

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    Sunday, April 29th saw hundreds of junior high school teens descend on PVI high school for BASH, an annual event sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Office of Youth Ministry. The teens had tons of fun with the rides and inflatables, as well as watching the performance by APEX ministry; which included jokes, juggling, and more. Teens also had an opportunity for confession, participated in Mass with Bishop Loverde and ate a ton of pizza and snow cones.Junior High Bash 5

    Many Youth Apostle brothers were in attendance. Fr. Ramon, Y.A. and Jonathan Mundell brought a group from the Don Bosco Center. Erik Teter and Chris Maimone were there with teens from St. Leo’s. Chris Hitzelberger also brought teens from Blessed Sacrament. Deacon Tom Yehl, Y.A.  proclaimed the Gospel at Mass, with Mike Power (among others) providing music. Sean McCartney was even on hand to help dish out pizza as well as other behind the scene duties. We also saw Joey Clem give some great advice to the teens at a panel discussion on vocations. And of course, Kevin Bohli MC’d the event (and even enjoyed a snow cone).

    BASH is our largest gathering of Catholic junior high students (6th-8th graders) every year! This event is a celebration of our Catholic faith and love of the Lord.

    Special thanks to Chris Hitzelberger and Chris Maimone for contributing photographs and a summary for this article.

    Blessed Sacrament CLC Update: Commitment Mass and Workshop

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    On March 28th, the Blessed Sacrament Boys CLC held a commitment ceremony during the parish weekly 7 pm mass.  During this ceremony three guys made Member commitments, one made a Candidate commitment, and one became the first Full Member ever in this CLC community.  The Pastor, Fr Cregan, celebrated the Mass.

    On April 20th, 11 teens from the blessed sacrament boys clc gathered for their first election workshop. The weekend included adoration, talks, and of course plenty food. The community elected three of its members to the newly formed executive board. Andy Santalla, Jake DiGeronimo, and Joey Ledonio all agreed to serve their community for the next year as leaders of the blessed sacrament clc. One of the highlights of the workshop was the “gladiator combat” which challenged each member of the community to strap on a lacrosse helmet, pick up an axe, sword, or warhammer, and face off against one of the moderators in the ring. The night ended with a bonfire and some community time.

    The next morning the community went to mass and then were treated to an awesome breakfast by Tim Eagle, including Tim’s Bacon Surprise – which basically looked like a large meatloaf made from bacon and sausage. Amazing.

    The teens had a great time and the moderators were exhausted. All in all, a successful workshop.

    CLC Commitments for St. Mary of Sorrows & St. Leo the Great

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    On April 11, the CLC communities from St. Mary of Sorrows and St. Leo the Great parishes came together for a joint commitment liturgy. Three guys from St. Mary’s made Member commitments along with two from St. Leo’s. One member of the St. Mary’s CLC and two from St. Leo’s made a Candidate commitments. Fr. Ramon Domingez, YA celebrated the mass at the St. Mary’s Historic Church in Fairfax.

    This was also a special night for Youth Apostles. Three of the guys who made commitments at this mass were sons of Youth Apostle Full Members. Zachary Paquette, son of Mike Paquette, and Kevin Garster son of Jim Garster both made Member commitments within the St. Mary’s CLC. Michael Maimone son of Chris Maimone made a Member committment within the St. Leo’s CLC.

    DBC Marks Presidents’ Day with “El Presidente Cup”

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    Monday, February 20, 2012 the Don Bosco Center held a Presidents’ Day soccer tournament. The tournament was held at the Don Bosco Center on the new turf field that was just completed this past fall.

    There were six teams with six players each in the tournament. Jessica Morales, director of youth ministry at Sacred Heart Parish in Manassas, brought three players and the rest of the players were from the Don Bosco Center.

    It was a great day filled with soccer, fun, and food. Ian Nelson was the expert hot dog cook and Fr. Ramon Dominguez, YA was our professional chicken nugget chef.

    Tiffany Lambert and Jonathan Mundell helped referee and Jessica Morales was keeping track of the points for the bracket. We did a bracket in which each team played at least twice.

    When teams were off the field they watched the game on the field or went in the Center to get some hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pasta, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, salad, etc.

    Teens play soccer at the DBC's turf field, February 2012.

    The last two games were 3rd place vs. 4th place and then 1st place vs. 2nd place. The winning team (David, Jesus, Charlie, Adrian, Santos, and Carlos) took pictures with the “El Presidente Cup” trophy. Then each of the players on the winning team got a brand new soccer ball. All in all it was a great fun-filled day at the Don Bosco Center.

    DBC teens, families celebrate Ash Wednesday

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    Father Ramon invokes the blessing at the DBC’s Ash Wednesday Mass.

    On February 22, 2012 the Don Bosco Center (DBC) held an Ash Wednesday service. We had regular DBC at the start of the day. We helped students with homework from 3 – 4pm and then they played soccer from 4 – 5pm. At about 5:15pm the Ash Wednesday service started. There were between seventy and eighty people who attended. A number of families joined us. Some of the DBC participants and one of the volunteers helped serve and read. It was a great experience to be able to pray with the DBC participants and their families. The silence that fell in the room when Fr. Ramon processed up the aisle of chairs at the DBC was amazing. God was there.

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