Teens Tackle Poverty Close To Home

Story originally published on Arlington Connection by Shirley Ruhe. Rory Cameron from Arlington took off with a fleet of mini vans on June 24 where he was headed for a week of WorkCamp with the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Lily McIntire changed into her white shirt with the blue motto for this year “I Will Love” […]

Support James Armstrong’s Year of Missionary Service!

James Armstrong has chosen to surrender a year of his life to the Lord in the service of young people. Having recently graduated from the University of South Carolina, he discerned a call from God to dedicate a whole year to helping young people encounter the merciful love of Christ. James will be assisting Rob Tessier, […]

“Into the Woods” receives rave review from DC Metro Theater Arts

“Once Upon a time, in the city of Manassas, there was a theatre group that was in their 15th year of producing Broadway quality musicals. Every summer a group of talented performers gather to rehearse a visually stunning and musically wonderful show. And this year was no exception. Fresh off their hit from last year’s performance of […]

All Boys CLC Retreat 2015

The weekend before Thanksgiving, 30 young men in high school went away for 3 days to grow in their faith through prayer and community. Our CLCs (Catholic Life Communities) are single sex small groups that are organized at various parishes and every year they all come together for a retreat. Throughout the weekend, there are […]

Recapping Pope Francis’ Trip to Cuba and the United States

Last week, Pope Francis visited Cuba and the United States for the first time. The trip was packed with many public appearances, private meetings with heads of state, and opportunities for the pope to interact with those who are in most need of God’s mercy. Pope Francis spoke to Cuba and America on many subjects, […]

Day for the Children of Youth Apostles Brothers

This past Saturday, we had a day here at the house for the children of Youth Apostles. The day began with Mass and then after breakfast we broke up into groups to come up with a skit on a parable. It was truly fun to engage in the Scriptures in a visual and interactive way. […]

March for Life 2015

Yesterday, thousands gathered together for the annual March for Life, consisting primarily of young people. It was with great joy that we began the day at the Life is VERY Good Rally at the Patriot Center in Fairfax with about 7,000 other Catholics to celebrate Mass. We took about 35 youth from All Saints in Manasas, […]

WoYA’s Fatima Estorninos interviewed by Franciscan Media

This week, WoYA full member and Assistant Director Fatima Estorninos, was interviewed by Franciscan Media Productions. She talked about her ministry at St. Agnes and the work of the Women Youth Apostles thus far. She talked about how the community is supported by the Youth Apostles community, and how her and her sisters live out […]

Come work with the youth!

Love young people? Want to learn more about youth ministry? Then consider a Year of Volunteer Service with Youth Apostles! It is a year dedicated to service within the Youth Apostles Community. Gain experience working with young people (middle school to college-aged), participate in the life of the Youth Apostles Community, and dive into the […]