Happy New Year 2015!

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    From all of us here at Youth Apostles, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! We pray that God may bless you this coming year abundantly. Below is a short reflection from Fr. Jack on the Solemnity of Mary, which we celebrate this day!

    Merry Christmas from Youth Apostles!

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    Merry Christmas!

    From all of us here at Youth Apostles we pray that you receive many blessings this Christmas season. Fr. Jack wished to share with you his own personal greetings.

    Food for the Soul: God’s Plan for You

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    This month, Fr. Jack shared his reflections on how God has a plan for each and everyone of us. This wonderful plan is not only in the big, lifelong vocation but in the everyday and how calls us to seek this plan continually. Check out the video below!

    Congress in Rome

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    Fr. Jack and Ric Cadenas were quite lifted up in Spirit as they returned from the worldwide Congress in Rome for new movements and ecclesial communities.  They gathered at one of the pontifical colleges for talks, panel discussions and meals with leaders of 100 new communities from all over the world.  The 3rd Worldwide Congress was organized by Cardinal Rylko and the staff at the Pontifical Council for the Laity. The focus was on discerning how to implement Pope Francis’ Apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium. Highlights included meeting the founders and directors of many communities, an audience with Pope Francis, and a casual dinner on the last night with Dr. Phillip Milligan one of the officials from the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

    You can find more pictures of the conference and a copy of Pope Francis’s message at the congress here.

    Happy Thanksgiving from Youth Apostles!

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    We pray that you have a blessed day. Remember that all gifts come from God and we thank Him for the countless blessings in our lives.

    Reflection on Brotherly Care

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    Photo credit: Joey Clem

    Photo credit: Joey Clem

    Throughout my first year of consecrated life, I am going through various books and formations with different brothers. These have been very fruitful in my relationship with the Lord, leading to some great conversations and opportunities for prayer. Fr. Jack and I have most recently been going through Pope Saint John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation, Redemptionis Donum. The following is an excerpt from it:

    Pope Saint John Paul II had a way of seeing people in a different way.

    Pope Saint John Paul II had a way of seeing people in a different way.

    “The fundamentally community nature of your religious life, nourished by the teaching of the Gospel, by the sacred liturgy and above all by the Eucharist, is a special way of accomplishing this interpersonal and social dimension: by caring for one another, by bearing one another’s burdens, you show by your unity that Christ is living in your midst. Important for your apostolate in the Church is every kind of sensitivity to the needs and sufferings of the individual, which are seen so clearly and so movingly in today’s world. For the Apostle Paul teaches: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” and he adds that “love is the fulfilling of the law.”

    Aside from the fact that this entire paragraph is incredibly powerful, the bolded statement has particularly struck me. The image of bearing the burdens of brothers, by carrying each other through our sufferings and struggles, leads others to witness the unity of Christ alive in this world. Openness and sharing can bring the light of Christ into this world through a brotherly love that is sensitive to that which penetrates deeper than surface wounds. What a beautiful sight, seeing two brothers embrace each other during sharing, when what is most heavy on the heart is lifted by the care of his brothers. This is something I have come to love about Youth Apostles and I am so happy that one of my favorite saints felt the same way!

    Food for the Soul: Heaven: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

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    Every 2nd Friday of the month, we have Food for the Soul. We begin with Mass at 7 AM, breakfast, and then a reflection on a variety of topics. This morning, Fr. Jack Peterson led us in a discussion of the Church’s teachings on who is to enter Heaven. This event is open for all those who wish for their soul’s to be fed. Our next one is December 12th!

    Check out the video and Subscribe to our Youtube channel!


    Norfolk Community: Monarchs Assemble!

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    Pope Francis came to join CCM for the football game!

    Homecoming 2014 took place this past week at ODU. The theme for this year’s Homecoming was “Monarchs Assemble!” As a result, there were many superhero themed banners, costumes, and floats throughout the week.


    Sophomore Joe Kingett paints a window for CCM as a part of Homecoming

    CCM kicked off the week by Painting the Town Blue. Each student organization at ODU was given a window at the Webb Center (the student union) to paint and decorate. Many fraternities, sororities, and other organizations on campus participated. From CCM, Omar Diaz, Julia Drake, Jarell Perez, Joseph Kingett, and Jimmy Noone all helped make the window look fantastic. The design came about through the creativity of Julia Drake. She also serves as the Promotions Chair on the CCM leadership team. The rest of the students did a superb job completing the work on the window. The window served as not only a fun activity for the CCM students, but also helped promote CCM on campus. The finished product can be seen to above!

    PicMonkey Collage

    CCM students help paint a paw as a part of Homecoming 2014

    The second Homecoming event was Paw the Pavement. As with Paint the Town Blue, each student organization was given a small white paw to paint. Josh Duncan headed up the expedition to make the paw look amazing. Numerous students came to help throughout the day. The design was a combination of the efforts of Josh and Joe. The event allowed students to showcase their artistic abilities. Many other student organizations participated as well.


    CCM’s float for Homecoming

    The final event for homecoming was the parade and the tailgate before the football game. The parade consisted of a Pope Mobile put together by the men of CCM. Fr. Mike made sure Papa did not blow away, and the rest of the students followed behind and in front of the truck with signs. Each student also wore a cape for the superhero themed day. Pope Francis even donned a cape as well! After the parade, students played cornhole and football back at the CCM house. A large group turned out for the tailgate, and Pope Francis made an appearance once again (see picture at top).

    The football game capped off a great week, as ODU came from behind to beat FIU on a last second field goal. The Monarchs intercepted FIU in the closing moments and then proceeded to kick a game-winning field goal to win the game 38-35. All in all, the week was a smashing success!


    YA Dinner and Auction 2014!

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    This past Saturday we had our YA Dinner and Auction, which is one of our biggest events of the year, to help raise funds for our budget. Over 160 people attended the event, not including the 30+ volunteers who made the night possible. Spearheaded by our new Development Director, Gerry Hartigan, we had over 200 items in the Silent Auction and over 20 items in the Live Auction. Fr. Peter Nassetta was our auctioneer once again and did a fantastic job despite some technical difficulties with the microphone. We are still awaiting estimates of how much we raised, however we are positive the night was successful. More importantly the friendships and relationships of those who participated in the event were also strengthened. We want to thank all those who attended the night, those who donated items, and those who volunteered their time and talents to make this event truly blessed for all.

    Norfolk Community: What Can I Do For You?

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    “What Can I Do For You?”


    New CCM Staff Members, John Lilly and Jimmy Noone, pose for a photo on ODU CCM’s Beach Retreat

    This has been the theme of community life in Norfolk, VA since Jimmy Noone and I moved down to Norfolk back in August. Sean Mazary and Michael Pantazis also moved into the house.

    Life in Norfolk has seen a bit of a transition the past few months. Jimmy comes in as the new Assistant Director of Campus Ministry at ODU since Andrew Waring’s departure to work for the Diocese of Richmond. I have been doing a Year of Volunteer Service as the Campus Ministry Intern at ODU. Overall, though, it has been great so far! The students are awesome and our new director, Julie LaBelle, has been doing a fantastic job in her new role. Fr. Mike is full of smiles, as always.


    New Director of Catholic Campus Ministry, Julie LaBelle, gives a talk on ODU CCM’s Beach Retreat.

    Michael and Sean are both currently students at ODU. Sean is a senior studying Business Management and Michael is a junior studying Marine Biology. They are both great to have in the house.

    Fr. Mike continues to be the tried and true chaplain at ODU. He continues to be a source of inspiration to the students. He is always available for Confession and there is daily Mass four times a week on campus. His joyful attitude is contagious on and off campus.

    There has been lots of laughs in the house thus far. Everyone brings their own flavor to community. There’s a good communal atmosphere, and honesty and communication are a big staple of the house. We all seek to live out a spirit of service for each other on a daily basis.

    Married Full Members Andrew Waring and Joe Clem are consistent presences at Tuesday meetings, which is a big boost to the community. Their example as married members serves as an inspiration and a steady presence to the community. They offer good advice to the younger members and are excellent role-models.

    There are usually four to five ODU students at meetings as well. This has also added a nice burst of energy to the community. We are trying to encourage as many of them to come on Tuesday nights (or occasionally Saturday mornings!) as possible.


    ODU CCM Chaplain Fr. Mike Kuhn poses with Pope Francis during the first week of classes.

    Fr. Jack Peterson, Jonathan Mundell, and Peter Clem paid us a recent visit this past Tuesday. Fr. Jack gave a wonderful talk on community life and how it’s so necessary for us as men to be accountable with one another. He gave examples from his own life, as well as the many experiences he has had living in community. Other members pitched in with their take as well, making for a great discussion.

    In short, things are great in Norfolk. God is definitely blessing the community as well as the ministry. There are great things in store for us down here, and if you’re ever in town  just hollar!


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