Reflection Jesus Coming to Save Us

Fr. Jack shares a brief reflection about how Jesus came down to save us, using a real life example of how a father saved his son. Check out the video below!

Food for the Soul: Anti-Christian Culture?

This month, Fr. Jack expresses his thoughts on how our culture has some positive aspects that allow our Christian faith to flourish and ways in which we are challenged to live out our beliefs. Check out the video below!

Happy Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Loyola, one of our patron saints. This amazing man of God was an incredible gift in so many ways. Fr. Jack shares some reflections on his life and spirituality.

Food for the Soul: The US Founded on Judeo-Christian Principles

This month, Fr. Jack proposes how the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principles by looking at some of the thoughts of our founding fathers. In the weeks leading up to July 4th, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it is good to remind ourselves how and why we were founded. There will be […]

Reflection on the Incarnation

Fr. Jack wanted to share a quick story from his Memorial Day weekend and how it led him to reflect on the humility of God in the Incarnation. Check out the video below!

Food for the Soul: Peace Be With You

  During this Easter season, we hear Jesus offer the words, “Peace be with you” often. Fr. Jack extends this offer to you in his Food for the Soul reflection this month. Check out the video below!