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    All Boys CLC Retreat 2015

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    The weekend before Thanksgiving, 30 young men in high school went away for 3 days to grow in their faith through prayer and community. Our CLCs (Catholic Life Communities) are single sex small groups that are organized at various parishes and every year they all come together for aIMG_3677 retreat. Throughout the weekend, there are many opportunities to encounter Jesus through talks, activities, sharing, and of course the sacraments. There is also time to relax and grow in fellowship through sports and over some good food.

    This weekend can be life changing for these guys, as they are asked to confront their fears and the things that hold them back from diving more in love with Christ. Through encouragement in the small group setting, everyone is given a chance to seek advice and share what is on his heart.

    The time away from the world allows one to really give God the time He needs to work in our hearts. One teen shared that this weekend had some of the deepest sharing he had ever done. Another was enthusiastic when everyone was sharing how they prayed and considered taking those ideas and bringing them to his own prayer life. All of them agreed however that the highlight was adoration.
    During adoration, we had a unique opportunity through a Eucharistic procession around the room, where everyone was brought face-to-face with Jesus in a close and personal way. The precious seconds were moments of peace and quiet, something not so easily found in our daily routines.IMG_4629IMG_4624







    As a moderator, I always look forward to this weekend. It is so encouraging to see these young men desirous to grow in love for God and for one another. There are many ways to serve God and His people, but helping these boys become men of God is very special to me and I am especially grateful for the time away on the All Boys CLC Retreat.St marys clc shirts

    Snippets from St. Mary’s CLC

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    By Rocco Repetski:


    Bobby Celio, Andrew Hadinger, and myself are moderators at Saint Mary of Sorrows Boys’ CLC in Fairfax, which is a pretty young group right now after graduating two strong senior leaders (Stephen Paquette and Pablo Barrios) from this past year. The group consists of mostly sophomores and younger and we only have two upperclassmen, so the CLC has a much different feel than a couple years ago. The parish just had its confirmation retreat in September and we invited 8th graders to come to CLC afterwards.


    Several young men make commitments at St. Mary of Sorrows CLC Commitment Liturgy on 11/13/13

    We’ve had five 8th graders from the confirmation retreat at our meetings, and they seem to really enjoy the community. Together with our older members we have about 8-10 guys at a typical meeting.

    The CLC Board is:

    President: Henry Urban (junior at Woodson HS)

    Vice President / Secretary: Chris Saenz (sophomore at Robinson HS)

    Treasurer: Zach Paquette (sophomore at John Paul the Great HS)

    In the past month we’ve been talking introducing the CLC concepts of living Truth, Freedom, and Care to the younger members. Furthermore, we had a commitment liturgy last week on November 13th, which we did jointly with St. Leo the Great Boys’ CLC. We had a good group of guys on a summer trip in August where we stayed overnight at the Youth Apostle house in Norfolk and then had Mass and went to Busch Gardens the next day. We’re excited to go on the All-CLC Retreat at the end of the month!

    St. Leo’s CLC Update

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    8th Graders at the Boys Confirmation Retreat celebrate the wonders of Fall

    In the great city of Fairfax, CLC at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church has seen a promising start to the beginning of the year. For the first time within the past month, St. Leo’s has coordinated two weekend Confirmation retreats for both boys and girls. The girls retreat saw 18 eighth graders attend, and the boys saw similar numbers with 17. The retreats were a resounding success, with lots of positive feedback from parents and teens. A week after the boys retreat, the Boys and Girls CLC’s held a joint Pizza Info Night. There was a solid turnout from both retreats. Pizza and beverages were provided, and over half a dozen teens and their parents attended. The boys moderators, Mike Paquette, Erik Teter, and Jon Perez and the girls moderators, Laura Schafer Bennett and Katie van Lieshout, were there to field questions that parents and teens had. Furthermore, many other parents emailed, saying they could not attend the info meeting, but that their son or daughter was interested in CLC.


    Since the CLC meeting itself, the Boys CLC have had eight guys coming consistently in addition to their six committed members. They are on track to have a joint commitment liturgy with St Mary’s CLC in two weeks on November 13th.  The moderators are excited for their guys to take further steps in their commitments, and for the new 8th graders to start coming to meetings.


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