The Road of Life

Fr. Jack shares a modern day parable about how we need to trust God on the Road of Life.

The Good Shepherd

Fr. Jack shares 3 scripture passages that point towards how Jesus cares for us as the Good Shepherd.

First Place Essays from Pro-life Essay Contest

JUNIOR DIVISION FIRST PLACE John Vu Holy Cross Academy Grade 7 He created the sun, the stars. He picked out the colors of the sunset, the reflection of the stars. The sky and its beauty is breathtaking; not even a picture can describe and show how wonderful the Earth was made. From the ocean tides […]

Food for the Soul: Faith in Action

Fr. Jack’s monthly Food for the Soul this past week was about how our faith needs to take form through actions, highlighting the importance of the laity to bring the faith into the world.

Winners Selected in 22nd Youth Apostles Pro-life Essay Contest!

The winners have been selected in the 22nd annual Youth Apostles Institute Pro-life Essay Contest. The theme was “Message to an Expectant Mother.” This essay contest generated the highest number of entries we have ever had for an essay contest! There were 473 entries. Participants were to write a message to an expectant mother. Many […]

Come Have Breakfast

Fr. Jack shares a couple moments from the Gospel when Jesus desires to feed those who came to Him. Jesus invites us to eat with Him and of Him.

Food for the Soul: St. Joseph

On March 19th, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary and Foster-Father of Jesus. Fr. Jack shares his thoughts on this great saint.

The Joy of Being Discovered by Christ

Fr. Jack was reflecting on something Pope Francis mentioned a few weeks ago and shares his thoughts on what it is like to experience the joy of being discovered by Christ.